We spent our last couple of days in Shanghai.  We had an absolutely fabulous hotel and Xinya was very impressed with the television in the wall at the end of the bathtub.

Arrived in Shanghai

Hotel in Shanghai

The night we went there, we headed down to the Bund and Nanjing Road to have a night view of the city.  We also were searching for a famous restaurant which was supposed to be great called M.  It was difficult to find but fortunately, we finally did.  It was hiding in a big old stone building on the seventh floor.  The view was incredible as it looked out onto the famous skyline of Shanghai.  The food was good and it was likely the most expensive meal we had all trip.

The view from the restaurant at night

Our full day was spent visiting the Bund, the Shanghai Aquarium and going to the acrobat show.  The acrobat show was definitely the highlight for the girls and the adults found it entertaining too.

The Bund is an area of Shanghai that runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River.  Its a collection of buildings and wharves and it the most famous tourist destination in Shanghai.  It’s about a mile in length and centred on Zhongshan Road.  On the West are 52 buildings of Western classical and modern styles (you’d think you were in a European city) and not he other side is a park which if mainly just concrete to walk around on and take pictures because on the other side of the river is the famous Shanghai skyline with the tv tower.  We took the tunnel under the river from the Bund to the other side to where the aquarium is near the tower.  We rode the underground tram which goes through a tunnel with lights and sound effects.

The Aquarium was reasonable for a few hours entertainment and since it was cold and windy outside, it was a welcome warm and calm environment.


Our last day in China and last day in Shanghai was difficult as we didn’t want to leave.  We went to Yu Yuan Gardens.  They were absolutely beautiful.  Also, the shops outside were very good and fun to haggle for souvenirs with our last money.

Yu Yuan Gardens, an oasis in the city

Time to go!  Our little bus picked us up and took us to the airport.  We boarded the flight and waited for two hours before getting off the ground, but the flight went quickly and we got some sleep.  We sure will miss China!

All packed up at the airport

 A few last pictures with Sylvie’s camera before leaving

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  1. Love the photos – the one of Xinya on the cormorant fisherman’s boat is amazing!
    Glad you had a great trip – looking forward to all the details!

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