Leaving Hong Kong


We had a great morning in Hong Kong.  We had another great breakfast and packed up.  We had a late check out arranged so we headed (via subway) to Hong Kong Park.  It is a little oasis in the middle of the city with a conservatory, aviary, play structure, lookout tower, lake, and lots of other stuff we didn’t have time to explore.The kids ran around and had lots of fun, even having an opportunity to get wet in the fountain.

I REALLY love Hong Kong.  I expected a dirty, crowded city with little charm.  The subway is absolutely immaculate and well organized with signs to help out when trying to find attractions.  The streets are clean and feel completely safe.  Everyone is helpful and there are wonderfully diverse landscapes and areas.

We are at the airport waiting to take a plane to Guilin.  Tonight I hope to post more pictures.  The blog is giving me a little trouble with that, as you can see by my double postings!


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  1. Love the updates – sorry you missed the cable car adventure (!!!) but sounds like your way was wonderful!!!! Love all the photos and Xinya looks wonderful.
    Enjoy Guilin!

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